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Animated Video Services

Custom animated video ads for all of your social media marketing needs. Videos provide a unique opportunity to not only explain and answer common questions; but also, to share your company story in a manner that is engaging. So, whether you want to announce your brand to the world with an animated logo introduction or showcase your products/services with a video cover or slideshow, we have got you covered. 

Video ads are an effective marketing tool to help set your business apart and get you noticed.


White Board Videos

A white board video is a great way to communicate with your target audience the value of your companies products and/or services. With white board video advertising, your imagination is the limit! Your white board can be funny, creative, serious, or informational like this one from Tree Medics. This short white board video was used to explain the importance of tree care. The approach is user-friendly, engaging, and easy to understand.

Animated Logo

Bring your brand to life with an animated logo introduction. Logo Introductions can be used time-and-time again on any and all of your marketing videos and slideshows.

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