11 Steps to a Successful Post-COVID Small Business

The pandemic has transformed the economy, and many small business owners are bearing the brunt of the changes. Though it’s tough to stay positive when facing a business slowdown or financial challenges, there are steps you can take toward maintaining momentum. Follow these eleven steps for orienting your small business for growth, even amid the pandemic.

Spread the Word (and Stay Relevant)

Even if you can’t currently serve customers, staying engaged with your consumer base is crucial for post-pandemic sales. Find ways to stay relevant online and in the community while your business is shuttered (or opening part-time).

  1. Hire a professional web designer to create a responsive and engaging website that converts.
  2. Dial-in your social media strategy to find and delight new and existing customers.
  3. Aim to attract local audiences (especially if you offer curbside services) to your offerings.
  4. Develop video content that draws attention (like a YouTube or TikTok channel).

Swerve to Meet New (and Current) Customers

Some call it a pandemic pivot, but it can feel more like a swerve. One thing is certain: In this new normal, you need to get creative when it comes to serving customers. Accommodate your consumer base with these ideas.

  1. Seek ways to sell products online if your model is a retail one.
  2. Convert service-based offerings to a virtual setting if you provide classes or coaching.
  3. Adopt a big-business approach to scaling back expenses so you can offer more to customers.

Keep Up with Administrative Tasks

You’re likely juggling closures or reduced hours with incoming loan amounts and outgoing payments. That means keeping up with the admin side of your business is a must. Check all the boxes while putting your best foot forward.

  1. Organize your financial documents for solid recordkeeping.
  2. Explore business structure options to determine what’s best for your organization.
  3. As a COVID-preneur, you should consider forming an LLC for tax benefits and added protection.
  4. Brush up on local and federal requirements for your employees and business amid COVID.

You no longer have to feel like a sitting duck during the pandemic. Businesses of all sizes — including non-essential ones — can strike up a strategy for success, even amid closures and restrictions.

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